Interior Design Process

he initial consultation will consist of reviewing the clients’ vision, expectations and needs as well as  discussion of the budget and timeline for the project.  This is an open and interactive conversation which will help the client to understand the role that the designer can have in making their project run smoothly.

ext, the concept development is when the designer gives direction to the wishes of the client and addresses the project challenges.  A sense of how the design ideas will culminate into a finished look emerges, after which the design development will narrow down priority design areas to be addressed. It can include sketches, architectural drawings, elevations and preliminary recommendations for materials and finishes to be discussed with the client.

he implementation stage will then mean the creation of a set of refined working drawings, detailed plans and lighting schemes, as well as a specification manual for the finishes, lighting fixtures and furniture.

t this time the construction stage has begun and the site planning, tender documentation review and purchasing of fixtures, finishes and furniture are addressed.  This requires a commitment for the client of time and money to finish the space.  We will do our best to expedite the process but there are typical timelines for each industry.  For example, it generally takes up to 12 weeks for custom cabinetry, 8 weeks for furniture, drapes and materials to be installed, etc.

inally, during the installation stage the work on site is completed and furniture, finishes and fixtures are installed.  This may require site visits during this stage to ensure quality and specification accuracy.   Afterwards, KMID will ensure that all design decisions have been achieved and, if requested, we will add any final touches and décor accents as per the individual project to create that “wow” factor you’re looking for!

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